Tamago is a ceramics and design studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

All of our work is made by hand using traditional techniques and materials. Tamago products have a distinctive style that has been developed through an iterative process of sketching, prototyping, testing and refinement until each design is ready.

Our workshop includes all of the equipment required to turn raw clay into ceramics.  Most products are made to order with lead-times varying depending on time of year and the complexity of the product.  We carefully package our products using a double box technique which has proven to be very effective in protecting our ceramics during delivery.


Lucy Wise

Tamago Ceramics are designed and made by Lucy Wise. Initially trained as an architect, Lucy began making ceramics in 2015.

Lucy's passion for ceramics comes from her architecture and design background, where similar considerations of form, function and surface treatment drive the design process.

For regular updates on new work, please follow the Tamago Instagram account.